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Welcome to Roo Kids! Here you will find interactive print outs for Roo Kids! From coloring pages to quizzes on horses, you will find fun ways to get to know Rooster as well as the American Quarter Horse.


Rooster jumping into action!

Have fun coloring Rooster!


The More You Know

What is an American Quarter Horse?

The American Quarter Horse is an extremely versatile animal. These horses range in size from 14 hands to over 17 hands. Quarter Horses can be used for things such as bringing in cattle off the range or showing in a big arena to a large crowd. They are good minded and willing partners.

What is a "Red Roan"?

Rooster is a beautiful and unique color called a Red Roan. Horses with red roan coloring like Rooster will have a mixture of red and white hairs on their body with the red hairs becoming more pronounced on their head and legs.

How fast can an American Quarter Horse go?

The American Quarter Horse is known for being the fastest horse over a short distance. They can run as fast as 50 miles per hour!!


Rooster looking forward to an adventure!

Enjoy making Rooster your own!


The More You Know

What does Rooster eat for breakfast?

When Rooster is ready for breakfast he loves to eat alfalfa with a little bit of grass on the side. Alfalfa has a lot of protein and nutrients which are essential for a healthy horse! He also gets a little bit of grain with some extra vitamins for things like his hair and hooves!

What is Rooster's favorite treat?

Rooster loves horse cookies that contain any mixture of molasses and oats. Contrary to popular belief, Rooster doesn't like peppermints, but he looks forward to the occasional carrot.

How big is Rooster?

Rooster is a big creature! In comparison to most horses, he's slightly above average in size. Horses are measured using a unit called "hands." Each hand is 4 inches. Rooster is 15.3 hands tall and weighs about 1,250 pounds!


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