We can all learn from a Horse

We can all learn from a horse, especially if that horse is named Rooster.

Horses are incredible creatures; their strength is unmatched and their beauty unparalleled. What’s most amazing though is that these strong and stunning creatures allow us to be their leaders and companions. We have so much to gain through this union.

Trust – We learn that we must trust them, and they must trust us, we cannot force anything.

Patience – We learn to take our time in order to bring out the best in our partner.

Hard Work – We learn that trust is established through hard work and that the hard work will be worth it.

Dedication – We learn that cold mornings and hot afternoons are a part of this journey, but we stick to it because they are worth it.

Responsibility – We learn that horses must be fed, watered and taken care of daily regardless of our schedule.

Empathy – We learn to feel what our horses are feeling in order to better serve them because they can’t use words.

Attention to Detail – We learn to pay close attention to the details of our horse and the details of our rides in order to improve because it’s the details that make the biggest difference.

Dreams – We learn to create dreams with our horse and to wholeheartedly pursue those dreams regardless of the outcome.

Optimism – We learn that our horses feed off our emotions and that the best way to their heart is to be perfectly optimistic about every endeavor you face.

Failure – We learn that sometimes no matter how hard we try we might fail, but that failure doesn’t have to be the end of the world, failure is a lesson and a new beginning.

Perseverance – We learn that we might get knocked down, but if we get back up and try again there is a chance to become better.

Success – We learn that success is the culmination of hours of hard work and dedication and that one moment of success doesn’t mean you can settle into contentment.

Gratitude – We learn to give thanks for the opportunity of owning our horse as well as the opportunities they afford us.

Appreciation – We learn to enjoy all the small victories or challenges along the way with our partner, knowing that they are bringing us together as a team.

Forgiveness – We learn that our horses will forgive us when we have a bad day and that we will forgive them.

Unconditional Love – We learn what unconditional love feels like, through how we see our horse and how they see us.

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