One Hundred Bad Days Made One Hundred Good Stories

One Bad Day

Rooster is an AQHA World Champion, but he almost didn’t make the finals.

Twice. For the same class.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rooster had been having a stellar year – he had been recently crowned NSBA World Champion in Trail, had won every major circuit that he attended and was leading the nation going into the prelims.

But he had a bad day. One bad day out of the hundreds of great days that led up to this event. Rooster didn’t make the finals immediately out of the preliminary round, so he had to compete again in the shootout (which he was actually the last horse eligible to even compete again for that round). His second performance wasn’t much better than his prelims, and he was yet again the very last horse to qualify for the finals.

He barely made the finals, but making the finals was all that mattered and it didn’t matter how you got there.

One Bad Day Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed

Before we continue to find out how the rest of the story made a turn for the better and Rooster ended up being the World Champion by a whooping 8 points, I want you to take a moment and look back on your own experiences. Look back on a time in your life where you had prepared yourself for success and everything was going great, but then you had one bad day and decided to call it quits. What if that bad day was there to remind you not to rest on your laurels? What if that bad day was there to remind you to be hungry for your success and that just because you have worked hard for months doesn’t mean that the end goal is guaranteed? What if you had pushed through that bad day (or season) and made it through to the other side to grab that success you desired?

Rooster should have easily been one of the top 15 horses in the country that day, and because of that perception he wasn’t on top of his game when everyone else put in the extra effort. But because of the struggle in the prelims, Rooster knew he needed to step up his game. He knew victory wasn’t going to be handed to him. In a way, that one bad day was just what he needed to be able to push harder and accomplish his dreams.

One Bad Day Makes the Story that much Better

The day of the final round was one filled with anticipation from spectators, owners and riders. You could feel it in the air. However, when you looked across the pen at Rooster, all you could see was determination and focus. He wasn’t letting the outside pressures influence him, he was letting his hours of practice kick in and allow himself to do what he knew he needed to do.

His biggest success of the day was that he didn’t let his previous flop deter his confidence in his ability to be the best. He was able to let that moment go and move forward with a clear mind. Are you able to take your failures, learn from them, and then let them go rather than hang onto the fear that you might not actually be good enough?

One Hundred Bad Days Made One Hundred Good Stories

One of my favorite song’s chorus goes like this, “One hundred bad days made one hundred good stories…no I ain’t scared of you no more.” (100 Bad Days by AJR) It reminds me of Rooster’s victory when I hear this song. Thanks to one bad day (it could have been one hundred bad days before the victory, glad it wasn't! ha!), we have a really good story to tell when we talk about Rooster’s World Championship. When things don’t go quite as planned it makes the experience that much better. You have an opportunity to learn, to laugh and to appreciate the actual victory that much more.

Have you experienced a situation where you thought you would fail, but you decided to work harder rather than simply give up? Let us know in the comment section.

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