Finding your Purpose Shouldn't be so Hard

Romans 8:28

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

What is Purpose?

In life, nowadays it seems more than ever, we are experiencing a longing to find our purpose. When we were little, we were told we could be anything that we set our minds to. This almost left the gates too wide open for our souls to run. “If I can be anything, then where do I even begin?” This can leave us with an empty feeling wondering if we should move onto the next thing when there is the slightest bump in the road.

Purpose isn’t always easy, it isn’t always fulfilling, it isn’t always obvious. The overall journey and present focus of purpose is though. The divine feeling you experience of knowing that you are working towards what you are designed for is what will keep you going through those tough moments.

Where do we begin?

So how do we find our purpose? Personally, I don’t think it should be as hard as mainstream media makes it out to be. Purpose is innate to you, and therefore living a life pursuant to your purpose should flow naturally. I think to the bible verse Romans 8:28 for guidance to finding purpose. I believe your purpose aligns with something greater. When you align with something greater, your yolk becomes much easier to bear. We can do some tangible things to help us streamline the process of finding our purpose. Here is an exercise to help make it easier.

1. Grab a pen and paper!

2. Write down five things that instantly put a smile on your face while you are doing them.

3. Look at those five things, is there a common theme?

4. Once the theme is recognized, go after a profession or hobby that lives out that theme.

My Purpose coming to Fruition

Rooster the Red Roany Pony and this subsequent blog are a byproduct of me fulfilling my life’s purpose. Horses have been a major part of my heart since I was a child. Many of my purest joys have come from things that were associated with horses. I am not talking about achievements in the arena, while those have been remarkably satisfying, my most rewarding moments have come outside the show pen.

My purpose has been fulfilled when I am talking to young riders and encouraging their passion for the sport. My purpose has been fulfilled while encouraging a friend after a tough run or lifting them up higher when they have accomplished their dreams. My purpose has been fulfilled with the creation of Rooster the Red Roany Pony and seeing the joy of young readers as they take in the words and images on the pages.

My greater purpose is in the process of being fulfilled as you read these words. I hope that they resonate with you and that each new post allows you to dig deep and appreciate all that we have because of the horses in our lives. Without them, we would miss out on so many friends, moments of joy, sorrow, and love, and many of us would miss fulfilling the purpose in our lives.

What is stopping you from pursuing your purpose?

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