Extended Family

Definition of Family

When you think of the word family, what comes to mind? Is it your mother and father, your brother or sister, your grandparents? Family is a noun meaning “all the descendants of a common ancestor.” Your thoughts would be spot on by this definition.

However, once you enter the horse world, the word family takes on a new meaning. Traditional definitions fall away, and our worlds are opened to a wider viewpoint. Family is then defined as “all descendants of a common passion,” and that passion is a horse of course.

When "More than you Bargained for" is a Good Thing

Our family extends to our fellow competitors, our trainers, our vendors, and of course our four legged partners. It is an amazing experience to have your support system expanded so much. Whether you are driving through a different state or just looking for something to do in your own town, there is almost always a “member of the family” close by.

Horses are a great unifier, both in joy and sorrow. When we experience a victory, we can be assured our horse family will be there cheering us on loudly. When we start a new endeavor, our horse family is the first to support us and spread the word. When we experience sorrow, it is our horse family who provides a shoulder to cry on and helping hand to get you through the situation faster.

A Family Read

That is why Rooster the Red Roany Pony is able to convey so much emotion. Those of us in the horse industry understand the doubts that we face during competition and the way it feels when you can finally conquer them. These are the lessons of perseverance that we want to share with our kids, as well as the passion for the horse that comes with it.

So tonight when you sit down to read Rooster’s story to your kiddos, take a moment to share with them about the other joys that come with being a member of the horse family. Share with them that even though they may experience trials, they will always have to support of their extended family to get them through it.

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